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“I was happy to receive Watsu from Victor– a conscientious young man, sensitive in his approach, skilled in supporting the body and neck (critical in water work!), and committed to offering aquatic bodywork to families, mothers, pregnant women. I highly recommend his work, especially for any birth professional, pregnant woman, or new mother or father, (or baby too!). You’ll experience the sensations of being in a womb world, touch in with what a baby may be experiencing in the womb, or feel your hips jiggle free in preparation for birthing and discover the fluidity of the pregnant body that has been become more and more compressed with effects of weight and gravity. Try it!!” – Leslie, Prenatal Massage Instructor (California)

“The Watsu session with Victor has certainly been one of the most special moments of my pregnancy…I felt like I was freed from the physical body and all was peace…I swam with my baby with the sweetest and most peaceful practitioner. Victor accompanied us toward a vibrant light that I perceived as the culmination of a beautiful stage…it helped me connect with my baby as well as her father, finding the three of us in an indescribable moment of pure love and joy, far beyond the material world. I would love to repeat the experience. Dearest Victor, thank you for this wonderful gift!”Janis (Spain)

“I received an Aquatic Bodywork session two days past my (estimated) due date. I had painful contractions every ten minutes. I entered into the warm water and the discomfort of the contractions stopped. I weighed nothing, my belly weighed nothing, and we rocked. With my eyes closed, looking into myself and connecting with my baby, we moved through the water, held by Victor. It was quiet, there was peace, there was introspection. I felt like my baby was no longer inside of me, as if the two of us were cuddling and dancing a relaxed and tender aquatic dance. Victor’s presence was subtle. I felt the presence in his hands but he was totally silent, respecting my intimacy and that of my baby, allowing us our own unique experience…I was planning a hospital birth, but my second child was born two days later in a beautiful vaginal birth at home. I did not tear and I had no problems with my previous cesarean birth. I was relaxed, calm, secure, and deeply peaceful, just as I was when I emerged from the session.” – Esperanza (Spain)

“I came to see Victor nearly 40 weeks pregnant and went into labor 6 hours after our session! He is very kind, professional, and intuitive. For an hour I felt like a baby in utero fully supported and cared for, guided in meditation without words. Highly recommended!” – MaryJane, LMT (Oregon)

“I was in my Third Trimester of pregnancy when Victor floated me and did Watsu. I felt very supported and was able to relax quickly. With the warm water and his soothing touch, I felt like a baby inside a womb, gently swirling around. He creates a safe a comforting atmosphere for you to unwind” – Julia, LMT (Oregon)

“I experienced a weightless sensation that I hadn’t experienced in any other therapy. You lose the notion of the body and it is easy to let yourself go, entering into a state of complete relaxation. When you leave the water, you feel your whole body vibrate, and then a sensation of balance takes over, that everything is in place.” – Marina, LMT (Spain)

“Working with Victor is amazing. He has special gifts, and is wonderfully intuitive. I love how he incorporates massage therapy and physical therapy into his watsu techniques. My session was tailored specifically to my needs. I experience healing, connection, and complete relaxation during my sessions with Victor” – Walter, (Oregon)

“Victor creates a beautiful, nurturing experience. I felt so free in the water! This is like nothing else in Portland. I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you so much, Victor. Watsu makes a great monthly ritual.” – Emily, LMT (Oregon)

“I had a massage with Victor last weekend and it was absolutely magical! Massage in the water might very well be my new favorite type of massage. The pool is warm and beautiful. You leave your session feeling weightless and free, truly at peace. I highly recommend Aqua4Life if you are looking for stress and pain relief and an amazingly relaxing experience!” – Julie, LMT (Oregon)

“Thank you so much Victor for helping me remember what it is to surrender to the water-dance, to openly receive and be safely and lovingly be held in that space. My heart is full, joyful and so grateful for your work” – Monica, (Oregon)